Finally, a hot sauce for everyone at the table.

About Us

Its simple, we love to make hot sauce.

We believe in honest work and honest ingredients. We also believe that the food you make is already awesome. Our mission is to make it even more delicious while never compromising on quality. We only use the good stuff- organic and sourced from farmers and purveyors who care. We take pride in our ingredients, which will never include preservatives, artificial dyes, GMOs.

Our Story

Congrats! You’ve found us.The best secrets never stay secret for long……. It began on a beautiful, Chicago summer day in 1995. My father, intrepid world traveler, entrepreneur and food fanatic, was inspired to create something new. After years of collecting hot sauces, he noticed a common trait— most of his favorites could only be used in minuscule amounts or they would overwhelm the dish. So, he embarked on a quest — to create a condiment that could be used liberally to complement his food; not overpower it. After a few weeks of experimenting with ingredients from his garden, he finally crafted a hot sauce with the perfect flavor profile and just the right amount of heat – and the legendary NOTSO was born! The sauce’s popularity spread like (mild!) fire amongst family and friends and soon, the secret was out. Demand quickly outgrew our family kitchen as word spread and fans from coast-to-coast began requesting their very own bottle of NOTSO. We are now happily cooking up our sauce in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA where the amazing abundance of local produce has launched our family recipe to new heights and NOTSO’s spicier cousin, ITSO hot sauce, was conceived— creating the perfect pair. Now you too can experience the delicious result of years of my family’s hard work. Whether you like it mild or with a potent kick our sauce will be a great addition to your collection.

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